the mission

why las mujeres?

The world is kind of funky right now and a bit unsettling, isn't it? We looked around our fairly liberal city, and thought, "Let's rally everyone together here, in the summer, when the weather is delicious. and let's give women the spotlight for a weekend. Let's attract all the dancers who would like to support that sort of thing, and see what magic energy we can get flowing in the cool, circular space that is Om Culture. We'll feed people and hug them and book amazing DJs and create a safe space for everyone, regardless of gender (or non-gender) to explore and connect and do this beautiful thing we love that is tango. Are you in?

**We'd like to acknowledge a very special woman and friend, Vivian Konstantakos, who had the original idea for an all-women DJ'd event. She offered up the idea during a brainstorming session over cocktails, and we thought it was perfect :) We love you Vivian!


We want our marathon to have a ripple effect, not just in the tango community, but in the larger community. This is why we've chosen to donate 1/3 of our profits to Planned Parenthood,

an organization that empowers and supports women and provides much needed healthcare services to those without financial means. We believe strongly in the power of community to create positive change, and we are so grateful to all of you who want to join us.


las mujeres

2019 DJs

Olga Bogatova (Bay Area)

When Olga took her first tango class, she immediately discovered that this dance was a meaningful language with endless possibilities to create and interact. She became addicted to the dance and started collecting traditional and alternative tango music right away.

DJing has opened new doors for her to entertain dancers and connect with the community. With a diverse taste in music, Olga combines tandas that tap into the mood of the milonga. Her goal is to keep everyone dancing and let the dancers experience the range of emotions that tango communicates. You can catch Olga at the milongas in the Bay Area and along the West Coast.

Amanda DiGarli (D.C.)

As a social dancer for the past decade who follows, leads and travels frequently across the country and abroad, Amanda is constantly exposed to the diversity of tango which makes her DJing style unique. For a marathon like Las Mujeres, she prepares by thinking about who is attending and what moods have already been created throughout the weekend. This is important in order to tailor her musical selections for that specific crowd at that specific time. She likes to gradually ramp up and ramp down the energy throughout the night with a focus on traditional mixed with a hint of modern flare. She uses songs that range from fast, intense, and heavy to sweet, playful and nostalgic to sustain the energy throughout the night. She is grateful to be a part of this all-woman DJ cast and is particularly excited to share new discoveries from orquestas that incorporated women into their ensemble.

photo: Donia Rose

Jae Grisham (Raleigh/Durham)

Jae is the founder of Tango Utopia in the greater Raleigh/Durham area.  She is recognized as one of the premier teachers, dancers, and DJ's, as well as the organizer of the monthly Milonga Utopia and the weekly practicas.

As a DJ, Jae loves the challenge of keeping dancers on the floor until the very last tanda. Her sensitivity to the energy of a milonga influences her music selection. Her music library is focused on the traditional masters and this is also reflected in her musical choices. She has been invited to DJ at festivals, milongas, marathons, and encuentro milongueros in Chicago, Atlanta, Augusta, Newport News, Charlotte, Columbia, Charleston, Knoxville, Santa Fe, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Utah, Asheville, San Francisco, Albuquerque, and the Ohibo Milonga in Milan, Italy.

Vivian Konstantakos (Seattle)

Vivian's inspiration for DJing is always, always the dancers. She sees it almost like a first date, as she co-creates the milonga with the dancers, feeling out the mood on the floor and DJing only one song ahead. Vivian has been a staple in the Seattle tango community and beyond, now a veteran in the DJ scene since her debut in 2009 at Om. (yes, the same venue!)

Ayano Yoneda (San Francisco)

Based in San Francisco, Ayano travels and dances in the milogas around the world including her annual pilgrimage to Buenos Aires. She focuses on making the dancers happy and keeping them dancing all night long. She regularly DJs at the local milongas in San Francisco like El Valenciano / The Great Northern, Genesis, and The Beat. She has been invited to DJ in Tokyo, Taipei, at the Maui Embrace Tango Festival, Pasional The Third Coast Tango Marathon, Holiday Tango in DC, Ronda De Ases in Portland, and the San Diego Tango Marathon.

Past Wonder Women DJs

Selene Hakobyan (San Francisco)

Tine Herreman (New York City)

Carol Horowitz (Montreal)

Tai Maria (Puerto Rico)

Donia Rose (Seattle)

Jun Yi (San Francisco)

Amy Zhou (San Diego)


Liz Hutchinson (Portland)

Liz began her dance training in Seattle at the age of 3, studying ballet, modern and contemporary dance, contact improv, and many other styles. She received her BA in Dance and BS in Math from the University of Washington and has since focused on Argentine tango. Her 25+ years of dance experience, knowledge of anatomy, and geometer's brain have strongly informed and shaped her into a unique and powerful tango dancer. Liz began teaching tango in 2011 in Seattle. She has since taught workshops, performed, and DJ'd around the US, Europe, and Argentina. Her classes focus on fine-tuning and perfecting the fundamental movements of tango and the subtleties of communication and connection. The goal is to create anatomically sound movement and a connected and organized partnership, which opens up the possibilities for more complex and better feeling improvisation. Her friendly and analytical approach, paired with the rigor of her sometimes intense dance training style, make her an asset in the tango classroom.

Rebecca Rorick Smith (Portland)

Rebecca’s tango journey began here in the Pacific Northwest in 1999 while pursuing her BFA at the University of Oregon. Through Eugene’s Tango Center, she forged her dedication and 20 years later, her feet have not yet stopped dancing!! From 2000, Rebecca has lived and taught within numerous communities in the USA, and around the world. Now, after 5 years teaching, organizing, and DJing in Berlin, she is back in the

USA and home in Oregon. Currently she offers regular classes in Portland and several smaller communities in Oregon as well as residencies around the country. As a teacher, Rebecca has always believed in the transformative process of learning tango, and is fueled by the metamorphosis of her students. She offers accessible compassionate guidance combined with a deep understanding of both following and leading, music,

and ever-evolving techniques. 

Intention Setting

Juliet McMains (Seattle)

Juliet is a dance scholar and artist whose work centers on social dance practices and their theatrical expression on competition and theatrical stages. In addition to her rigorous training and experience in partner dance forms (ballroom dance, salsa, swing, tango, and contact improvisation), Juliet has extensive training in ballet, modern/contemporary, jazz, and AfroCuban folklore. Juliet has a Ph.D. in Dance History and Theory from the University of California at Riverside and a B.A. in Women's Studies from Harvard University. In the UW Dance Program, she teaches courses in cross cultural dance studies, research methods, dance ethnography, salsa, tango, swing, and ballroom dance.


Blair Kaufer and Shelley Goldstein | Seattle

Blair and Shelley met one day in a friend's kitchen, where they instantly bonded over topics like soul contracts and intuition. Since that day, they've spent a lot of time in various kitchens figuring out life and tango over mugs of tea and bottles of cider. They are thrilled to bring you the third edition of Las Mujeres marathon, and to continue finding ways to empower women in the world of tango. 

photo: Donia Rose

who is coming?

the schedule

Thursday Night Unofficial Kickoff Party (not included in pass)

Location: Dance Underground

Time: 9:30 - midnight

DJ: Stephanie Brooks

8/16 Friday Night Welcome Milonga + Setting of Intentions

Location: Om Culture

6:30 - 8:30 (Pad Thai Dinner) *

8:45 - 9:00 (Intention Setting/Meditation)

9:00 - 2:00 am (Milonga)

DJ: Ayano Yoneda

8/17 Saturday Afternoon Milonga and BBQ *

Location: Om Culture

12:00 - 1:15 (Special Workshop)

1:30 - 5:30 (Afternoon Milonga)

DJ: Vivian Konstantakos

Saturday Evening Milonga + All-Nighter

Location: Om Culture

9:00 -  3:30 am

DJ: Olga Bogatova

8/18 Sunday Afternoon Milonga and Brunch

Location: Om Culture

1:00 - 5:30 (Milonga)

DJ: Amanda DiGarli

Sunday Closing Milonga

Location: Om Culture

8:30 - 2:00 am

DJ: Jae Grisham

8/19 After Party Milonga (not included in pass)

Location: China Harbor

9:30 - 12:30 am

DJ: Liz Hutchinson

* There will be vegan and gluten-free options available. Please let us know any dietary restrictions.


We recommend finding an AirBnB close to the venue. Neighborhoods we suggest in order of proximity: Wallingford, Fremont, Phinney Ridge, and Ballard.

Venue Address: 2210 N Pacific St, Seattle, WA 98103

Om Culture


Who Is Coming!

Blair Kaufer | Seattle

Shelley Goldstein | Seattle

Huyen Hoang | Portland


Please reload


Registration will open March 8.

How to Register:

Email us at with:

1. your name

2. primary lead, primary follow, or a true switch

3. the city you consider your home scene


After emailing we will notify you if a spot is available. Once space is confirmed, payment must be made within 2 weeks to confirm your spot. If payment is not received within 2 weeks the spot will be released to someone else. Passes are refundable (less the paypal fee) up to 4 weeks before the event.


How to Pay:


Venmo: lasmujeres

Paypal Friends and Family:


or mail a check to:

Blair Kaufer

1619 E John Street #301

Seattle WA, 98112


Space is limited to 200 dancers. This is not an invite-only event. This is a role-balanced event. Anyone is welcome to register.



Thank you for considering volunteering at Las Mujeres Tango Marathon. We certainly could not host this event without the help of our volunteers. We are looking for individuals who will contribute to creating a warm, friendly atmosphere and demonstrate commitment to their work. In exchange for your efforts, we will provide a free pass for the weekend. Deadline to sign up as a volunteer is MAY 1, 2019. There is limited space for the number of volunteers we will have.  Before emailing, please read the following:


Requirement to volunteer:

  1. You’ll have to work a minimum of 8 hours total.

  2. You must work at least one set-up or clean-up shift.

  3. IF you work the LAST DAY take-down shift (Monday morning 2:00-4:00 am.), you only have to work 6 hours.


Email with the word “VOLUNTEER” in the subject line and we will send you more information along with the volunteer schedule. Please be sure to include your name, lead/follow/switch and your home scene in the body of the email. You must email us by May 1 if you would like to volunteer. 


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